Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week 5 on the road

And so there it was time to leave my last hostal and move to another one, Pakololo was really nice and worked it`s purpose but the tourist city life where eating tuna due to not being able to cook was not what was looking for and the spot where Eva and Aoife stayed offered an alternative as an exchange program where I could have my own room and one meal while working, little did I know that this would be a golden opportunity to do things that I love as well to get to know more people with similar interest than me

The next day I arrived my friends had to leave so that Aoife could take her plane to Ireland and the rest hang out in Oaxaca but due to budget I decided to stay and wait for them here, as I mentioned doing the things I love has always been a priority but weird enough I got offered to work the kitchen and oh boy I love every minute of it, thanks thanks thanks, free meals and being able to keep on eating small portions while cooking all to help me no longer being depleted for the journey ahead

The music that we listened too while cooking and the people that have the same soul encaged in a different body wanting to be the same when we were young and now we mutated to something else but we keep our love for rap music strong LOL

The kitchen was beautiful fully equipped and with total freedom to improvise on the go with the only rule of cooking for all the staff and a mixed of meat lovers and vegetarians to feed, it was so different than cooking at my place where I could start my own meals from zero getting everything I need from the market but now I was only able to use what was already there and still make it interesting

Along with the kitchen that I love I was able to cut and braid hair for my friends, despite my budget of $500 pesos at this point, I did it free of charge as I enjoy doing it and practice will make perfect so maybe some time ahead this road I will feel good enough to charge and get that energy back from the universe

Punta Paraiso offer for surfers a paradise as there is also waves all year round so people will come and go but the memories will always remain, the stories that we share, the backpacking friends from Argentina, Sweden, Israel, people from all over the world that come and go along with us Mexicans representing in our very unique way hahaha unique in terms of drinking and party endurance I believe hahaha and with no further delay my friends

At this place it is where we will all hang out while listening to some jams and share stories, other people will only be on vacations but the vibe will be the same of energy towards discovering and living in the now for new places to come and the open road to show

Punta is a place where we stayed longer that 1 week but the time it is not something that I will measure by it´s regular standards but more by the place where I stayed and the experiences earned, for me this was an opportunity to meet with other travelers and what drives them and make them thrive and even tough the means that we choose to do it are different the essence remains of discovery, get to know places, experiences, no confort zone, also I learned that the best answer to give when you traveling it is: I do not know when or where will it end and we only plan as far as the next city, every day it is new to me since I choose to live free and even when I miss my love ones, my luna hermosa the learning that I will get will last me a life time and the stories to share will be something to pass on and perhaps make some one do the same knowing that it is possible to be free

week 5 I am out :)

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