Wednesday, July 22, 2015

week 3 on the road

And then we said good bye to Punta Maldonado with hopes and dreams to continue our journey to the south, the energy given by people and the assistance during the entire tour has been what drive us to continue or at least it has for me as waking up to a different scenario or even a different situation keeps me awake.

The day that we left Gaby and Checo ride the bicycles out to the main road while Eva, Aoife and I asked for a ride out since we had to get some work in our bikes to continue on, it was a nice mellow ride for 30 km out as well a good chance to take pictures and enjoy the wind on our hair while riding in the back of the truck

That night we cover pretty good distance around 50km and I also recover my big plate so whenever going downhill I could go fast, we ended up at a place called Mancuernas pretty close to Pinoteca Nacional as the same day we crossed over to Oaxaca, we camp at the local goverment building where we had low internet but it was safe and the moment we arrive Gaby and Eva played soccer with some kids while we prepared camp and started talking to a few local people that asked us questions and we heard once again about chincunquiña the virus that it is currently at costa chica.

One lady next door had the keys to the bathroom and let us in to shower and use the toilet so that night we shower yeaaah hahahaha, I did after playing basketball for the first time in the journey with some local kids but it was really funny as what started 5 vs 4 ( my team had 4 ) ended up being 5 vs 2 but it was worth it as we all had fun and the were able to see a different style and laugh the whole time

Next morning we head out to Pinoteca with some company as Checo talked to a Leobardo a local kid that was training on his bike and share our story, he was really cool and took us to the ATM´s and some other shops to get parts before we head out and warm us about the 10km curvy hill road ahead of us in order to get to our next destination 60km away, the road was beautiful and full of life as it is on Oaxaca where there is a lot a lot of green and the weather change more to a jungle type.

We stayed that night at Jamiltepec where we saw this empty space where there probably a shop to fix cars and after setting up some stuff, Checo and I went to explore town

So funny when people call us names not in a bad way as everyone has been really nice but I heard some saying I was Arab, maybe the long beard and my tan but I know for a fact that I fall into different races due to my looks as it has always been

Next Morning on our way out the unexpected happened as my rim broke down after a massive hill downwards knowing that something like this would happened as before we left town one of my spokes broke and by the time we made it downhill my back tire was moving side to side as I was on it, the moment we stopped I noticed another spoke gone and the time broke for 3 different parts and as Checo tried to adjust it another one was gone, I decided to ask for a ride on the side of the road and make it to Puerto Escondido and work on my bike, by this time I was at the 2300 pesos range on my budget and not happy about knowing that I had to spend some more of what I did not have but needed to continue as otherwise my bike would break down, long story short it did not work and we decided to make it really slow until next town but we did a stop a this hot springs that we could not left without seeing but so funny as my bike was able to endure another 20 + km from the moment 3 spokes were gone and my rim broke in 3 parts and still I did 5 km in terrace bumpy road yeaaah

After we left and we got to the next town, the rest of the team head out to Chacahua Oaxaca and I got into a bus towards puerto, 100km for 50 pesos not bad, that night our host from warm showers Jim was already waiting for me by the time I arrived to town and he was awesome since day one as he share some information as how he got into warm showers, how many people have hosted, his point of view about life and also the best pizza and salad I ever had, it was weird eating a lot after having small long endurance meals but I went for it and ate it all as it was magically delicious, thanks a lot Jim for that first meal that felt like heaven and the amazing conversation.

The next morning I asked Jim about the local bike shops as well I went out and explore town for myself and I noticed that Puerto kinda has the same energy that Playa del carmen but at a smaller scale as there is no massive resorts but a really big community of people all over the world that makes puerto their home

Tha afternoon we went to a local beach and then I head out to explore Zicatela and there I might be able to get a job to continue to sponsor my own journey

2 Days after the team arrived full of adventures and ready to rest while as I missed them already and started making plans for the weekend to come

Also my luna hermosa arrived to town and we were able to hang out prior to the weekend trip to San Jose del Pacifico that was just awesome and as words can not describe the experience from this moment on I will leave just pictures for the readers to let their imagination flow and enjoy the ride, life it is full of surprises and miracles that we will never understand as part of this miracles form part of our day by day and tend to go unnoticed by us but it all plays an important road on everyones evolution and the joy of discovering what we already have it is greater than what we do not have.

The first day once again the team split it two ways by leaving me, my luna hermosa and his friend heading towards San Mateo on what begun as a 3km walk ending on a 8km walk on the dark of the night the the rest of my team walking towards another place, we all had different emotions and feeling during our journey but knowing that we had to do it this way help us to understand who we are and where are we going, words can not describe the insight that I got from this place but magical all the way

I would like to also ask for feedback or comments on my blogs to keep me fresh and learn more and more, this is a new experience and I take everyone that cares to read with me I also learn new ways to express and maybe one day make my own book or share some with my family back home, special thanks to Jim as we could have not done it without him, thanks for being so patience with us as me being a host in the past I can relate to the experience that at time it can be overwhelming