Tuesday, June 30, 2015

week 1 on the road

Hi there my dear friends, pimps and pimpettes, boys and girls from all ages all over my world that has become the one of the road, it has been a week a whole week since we left Mexico city and 25 days since I left home, when I planned my whole trip I did it with the idea to document every single day of my journey but the journey itself can not be documented that way as it does not follow the patterns of the the city as every day is new, every moment, every second, so I will rather give you the shorter digested version for you all to enjoy, here it comes:

This is my bike,  my battle horse, my love, my girlfriend on the go, wherever she goes I go

Fun days at biciteka during the preparation stage:

My first torta de tamal, aweeeeesome

The lyon raaaaawrs

The big smiles while riding in the city with my luna hermosa :)

Still taking pictures

Some I did not take alone :)

We all are big kids even tough they call me seƱor, LOL


Ayotzinapa vive

look above

Fully packed, off we go

The first day we rode 78 km from Mexico city to Cuernavaca

Getting paperwork done

My beautiful friends and our first host

Cruising the city in our way out to the open road once more

I always have to ask Gaby to smile

Eva rocks on!

Checo guiding us to the infinity and beyond

Meal time it is always important after riding under the sun

Second night we camped on the side of the road, 50 some km outside Cuernavaca on our way to Guerrero where it got dark and we could no longer continue riding anymore, it is so amazing the things we have done to survive, from asking strangers to share some water with us, where there is no stores money does no good and you can not buy what it is not in stores, soon came to realize how messed up we are as a society since water is no longer and has never been free for most of us, thank god Checo made this journey with us as I learned that we can stand on the side of the road asking for water and only truck drivers will stop while every other car will pass us by and ignore the fact that we make life and death decisions same as sleeping in the middle of nowhere waiting for the next morning to come

we woke up at the crack of dawn and we made a short stop to kick back and relax while we recharge and ask for more vital liquid to survive another 45 km, I really enjoy taking pictures and then I realize my budget went down the 4000 pesos mark, but then again life it is cheaper outside believe it or not

3rd night we slept at a restaurant on the side of the road, they were so nice to let us stay, after all we spend over 500 pesos that day and the next morning for breakfast, no way they will say no

4th day we got inside a really humble town, sorry I have no pictures at this time, but I will upload them as we go, it was a community where people speak nahuatl and some call us Spanish man, maybe because we were the first cycle tourist ever that made it to that town according to what our friend Francisco told us when we bough stuff at his store, he took us around town, imagine villages in india where the kids run next to you and people look so strong and walk tall and strong, he tried his best to get us a place to stay but we where no longer wanted so we left before it got dark that night where we camped a few KM away and that is where I saw my first super cloud charged with with thunders and rain, so beautiful to see along with firefly in a dark sky, thanks for being alive :)

Next day we arrived to Chilpancingo Guerrero, it was early on the afternoon so we went ahead and tour out the town, here it comes: Guerrero it is hot as everyone said but so there was living in my block where gun shots, people stab and things from my car stolen outside my house, so fuck it we only live once and I have no plans to stop but instead I have a choice to live outside the system

We wanted to stay an extra night but it felt like we overstayed our welcome in town so then we head put back to the open road but not before we bought our machete and I taught some moves to the group, maybe not that many people knows this but I trained kung fu for over 3 years when I was young, soon to become black belt but a finger broken kept me away but now I know it all came back for a reason that I hope never have to use at all, that night it rained hard and it was difficult for us to sleep as we slept on the open for the fifth night but once again thankful for being alive we left for our 6th day now

Maybe no one noticed but I had to do some repairs to my buckets, yes I did them myself ;) ask about them, you tube it or buy them from me next time I am in town

6th nigh we arrived to Acapulco, we rode over 80 km all fresh and ready since we had a really good breakfast and a goal, next to come next time around, thanks to those that took the time to read, it is really hard to capture a whole week but instead some pictures will do the trick and as I continue to ride, I will find ways to support myself, right now I am at the 3750 pesos mark, first week on the road around 250 pesos spent give it or take, maybe more in repairs and meals but while traveling in group it is easier to save money and we all contribute with some, some give love, other protection, laugh, advice, tears and joy, enjoy the open road, do not be afraid to really live life and see kids running next to you, people cheering you along the way and wonder how the hell we have made it this far by leaving all fears aside, just for the strong will in our hearts to make an adventure and do not wait for the destiny to bring it your way but fabricate it your own path to ascension or maybe just the joy of the open road, whatever it is I know one thing after one week, I am so thankful for my friends, my body, my bike, my mind, the fact that all the noise stops while you are on the road, that I can sing from my lungs, that I follow no rules other than survive and be smart, to make life and death decisions every minute as well for those moments where people give us water and the shadow that the trees can give us to cover from father sun, to be under a bridge and sleep on the road, laying down at a restaurant floor, the deep conversations about work and how we all decided to leave it all behind to live our life for the first, second third time around, be really thankful for we already have because believe it or not, that it is more than enough that you we will ever need at the current time, tomorrow it is not promise so leave the day and smile to your best friends as we all have the choice to make a journey and that best friend it is the one reading this lines, it is you, it is me, adventure continues, what is yours? which road will you take?

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Day 3

Today it was all about enjoying the beach, relax, do nothing and just be cool about life, good conversations we play a few poker and card games for which my brain still hurts as we invented a game, ask me for it next time around,

I will just leave pictures of today so that anyone can make a history but beauty in nature can not be describe in words, at least not at this time as I am so new to share my world to you that it is better if you walk next to me and I will show you around

Hotel view from the beach, looks the Partenon:)  yeah right

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Day 2

And then off we go to the open road on our way to Tecolutla Veracruz, Gaby drove us outside of the city and just a few KM into the carretera libre I took over, it was nice it was mellow, can not lie that being to get to another city fast it is a tempting idea always by car but then again we would have not seen what was next if we have not stepped out of the car after we got lost for the 2nd time around :)

                                               (from left to right  Me, Eva, Gaby, Liliana and Ara)

And yes for those of you that care to know, I took the second picture, I think my skills in the camera keep improving, hope I can get to practice more to gain that freedom in doing what I love,

Yes indeed we got to the open see, we manage to stay at this hotel right at the very edge after a local offered to show us option and this is what we got, 100 pesos each per night staying at our very own 2 nights resort beachside, food was alright not great but alright, besides we were able to get beer on a period where no one should, wink wink in Mexico everything is possible, so then we kick back and relax, swing laugh and nap, off to the streets we go, it is showtime 

I scored a cool key holder and forgot to add we stopped by Papantla Veracruz before we arrive to the hotel, going back to the history, as we were heading back to the hotel we saw the show begin and all those stories no one care to talked about as we can sometimes see it as normal or not knowing how to react, a group of masked men taking over some people inside their van, we slow our car as that was our turn, we looked, we moved the fucked out, we got back to the hotel we called it a night

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