Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 4 on the road

And then we came back to reality after chasing dreams and talked to entities that showed me the way and answer some questions that I did not understand, it was time to say goodbye to the mountains and my love for a few days, to return to Jim´s place and look for another place to stay to continue learning more as we go, the crew split up once more and it is hard to find accommodations for 5.

Eva and Aoife found a place for them to stay at exchange workers at la Punta which happens to be a surf town village that extends to 1 streets but after that street there is always waves so perfect spot for Eva and for Aoife to spend her las days in town, the same day we started with our search Checo went out looking and started talking to the owner of Bici Puerto´s Carlos that happens to be the reason why we were able to see Puerto in a different light due the ideas and the background that he has working in different projects but decided to work towards his dreams and do what he loves that happens to be his family, surf and bicycles.

Gaby and I arrived after Checo and started brainstorming about ideas that could work to ignite a movement to take back the street and enjoy them more while riding in form or bike tours, workshops and marketing his shop for which we came out with an image which we printed and I decided to tape them on my panniers to help our friend along the way, little did I know that Carlos would be helping me more that anyone in a few days.

The same day we told Carlos that we happened to be looking for a place to stay for the 3 of us and not only he helped us but also offered his place in case we did not find any, we went and visit 2 places, first one called Pakololo right on Zicatela beach a surfer beach as well where my luna stayed a week ago and it was only 3 places down the street from where we stayed back then, the manager Yusif was super called and he even rides a bicycle so it is was easier to relate and told us that he would have to make a call before so we left for another place with his friend Julian a French man that lives here with her wife and runs a little hotel and happened to know about a place where we could stayed, we went there and it was nice but far from the beach so we went back to Bici Puerto and hang out for a couple of hours while waiting to the phone call back as I had already leave Jim´s house fully loaded in my Bike,

Carlos and his son on the right :)

later that night we did not hear back from Yusif but Carlos called back and managed to talked to the person in charge and he agreed to let us stay as the group split and Gaby, Checo and I found a place to camp inside the hotel where we might need to do some work while at it ( I only work one day at the end for an entire week I stayed in ) it was a nice place to camp as it came with a clean toilet although I was not able to shower until my 3rd night there

yes it says braids 5 dollars :) I do know how to braid hair lol

3 days after my arrival my luna hermosa arrived and we spent some time together while we eat, watch the sunset and drank some wine the night before she left back to her town, I love my luna and we have been able to manage a relation where everything has started backwards from leaving in different cities to only see us a few days per month but it is due to this dynamic that we are able to see each other with passion and not only that but also discover more of the each other with every encounter, I miss her every day and think about her face, smile, tender touch and words that make me a better man, the day she left her flight delayed for 10 hours which gave us another opportunity to bond while waiting, everything happens for a reason and today I am so grateful for the delay

During the time I stayed at pakololo  this is the inside of the place where for the following days I would just chill at night since during the morning I will go early and help around Carlos´s shop

As my time ended I realized that despite where we go our essence will remain as well for personality traits that make us easy to relate to people or not, it is also during this stage that a new set of skills reach the surface by making me humble enough to work around the shop and the hostal, making new friends and smile from the inside, miss the ones that are with me and the ones that are not, share memories and make new ones on the go, see the sunset and understand that everywhere we go it will be different and that is okay and while we ride our time machine we evolve and mutate to someone else, the journey will continue and the learning will never end with so many colors out there during my travel time along with my friends Gaby, Eva, Checo and Aoife as it was at this point where the team split since Checo and Aoife had to go back to their home towns taking with them our love and leaving theirs with us, the learning the laughter and the meals on the road, the moments where we got mad at the each other but also not knowing what would it have been of us without them, I am honor to call myself their friend and will continue to work towards reunite us all one day

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